Cat Toys from Paper Towel & Other Cardboard Tubes!

UPDATE: These were originally posted on April Fool’s Day, 2021 under the name Papier-Nonmâché Spheres Home Decor +Tutorial. These are actually a form of cat toy that our local animal shelter uses and often has their younger volunteers assemble from donated tubes. Of course, the tutorial still works!

You know those spheres you see at all the home decor shops? They can be wood, metal, wicker, ceramic, glass, shell, stone, etc. I decided we needed some papier nonmache for our dining table!

I feel so fancy!

And here is how I did it:

  1. Cut a personal care tissue roll into ~1/2" (1.5 cm) sections.

You will need 3 for each sphere.

  1. Take one section and nest it into another, at a 30-ish degree angle.

  1. Take the last section and next it in at 60-ish degree angle.

And there you have it! A quick, inexpensive, and very sophisticated look for your formal dining room or entry hall table!


oh, fancy! I can painting them with gold glitter for the holidays to take them up a notch!



Vase filler. I love it!

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So chic!

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Your version is so much better than what they have at the stores!

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OMG! I forgot that they could spruce up vases and not just bowls!


Is it weird that I might file this away as a legitimate decor hack?

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They’d make interesting Christmas ornaments, too. You could do a whole tree with these and variations on the 3st place ribbons, cereal box birds…

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Maybe wrap them in leftover yarn or ribbon bits first for a little color on a table scape.

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I think I’m going to have to say yes. Yes that is weird. I will also say that weird is often best!

I’m just saying, if you paint them and don’t let anybody get too close…

Of course! Just imagine circling the surface they sit on, coming up with sitcom ways of keeping guests from approaching!

Honestly, I was surprised at how not-recyling-bin they looked when done!

Thanks for the update…my cats seem to love anything cardboard…they shred boxes and will only use the cardboard cat scratching posts…I am going to make some to see if they will play with them…there is a box of toys that is collecting dust because they just are that picky! lol

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Delia LOVES tubes! We often save them to use to help start fires in our woodstove in winter so she would often stand around looking innocent and put-upon while we made fires in the morning. SO, I started cutting “tewbs” into short sections to give her as a “treat” (wha?) when we build a fire. They are kept in a vintage cookie jar.

That’s way too fancy for this ole hillbilly!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: