Cat With Beverage Magnet

I really like how this “Cat with Whiskey” magnet for geekgirl turned out. The base is a wooden tree slice (from the craft store). I used some prismacolor pencil layering to design it. I’m especially proud of the Whiskey and the table. He looks very much in contemplation! I sealed it with mod podge and it has two round heavy duty circle magnets on the back to keep it from rotating around when hanging.

*Blurred since it’s an adult drink. * :slight_smile:


Thanks for the adult drink. It must have been strong to create that blurr, lol.
He looks like he’s had a bad day. Better top him off with another blurr.

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Oh my goodness, the expression. I feel like it could become animated at any moment and pop off the screen. I just love it.

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Poor kitty looks like he’s had a bad day. Let’s hope that drink cheers him up!

Nice job, Lynx!

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Thank you so much! I am so proud of how this one came out!

An excellent rendition! He almost looks wood burned, you created a lot of depth with just pencils!

Such purrsonality! Love this character and how you’ve illustrated him. Great job!

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I love that my collection of Cats with Whisky is slowly growing!

His expression is how I feel after a long day of meetings and have to break out the Scotch!

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His face is so expressioned! I love how he looks like he needed a drink after a long day!

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