Cat with glasses tote bag

I can finally show this off now @Trillian has received! I came across this fabric in the €1 bin a couple of years ago and it has been in my stash ever since. I love the fabric but as the print is quite large I couldn’t think of the right project to use it for. That is, until I found out that Trillian likes cute animals and bags. I’ve actually cut out another bag from this fabric that I will stitch up this weekend - Mr. Imma really liked it and told me that a friend of ours would really love it, and he’s right, so she’s getting one too.

The bag is about 30 x 40 cm, fully lined and with iron-on interfacing ironed to the outside fabric. The straps are WOF x 15 cm, folded twice.

There’s also a rabbit with a hat


That fabric is so danged cute! Ugh, I love it too much. I would take that bag everywhere!


Don’t you just love fabric that tells a story!! Those critters are too cute. Great bag!

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I just love it when something in your stash finally knows what it wants to be!!!

Two totes out of that cute fabric is great…nice size and fun to carry around…


I forgot to post the inside of the bag. I didn’t want it to have a boring lining.


Super-fun bag!!!

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Oh my gosh, HIPPOS! Please would you tell me where you got that fabric? I prank my sister with hippo anything any time I can, haha, that is the BEST!

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You got that fabric in the cheap bin? Craziness. I absolutely love it. It works perfectly for a bag and you did a great job on it!

Kitty with glasses…swoon. Such an adorable fabric for a tote bag. And the hippo fabric liner is fab!!! Nice work :smiley:

That is gorgeous!!

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That fabric is adorable. Great totebag!

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bonus hippo fabric!

What a great bag and I love the kitty with the glasses.

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Oh I am very jealous! That fabric is so cute and the bag looks very nice!

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Great use of that fabric!

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