Catnip Felt Sardines

My partner in the color in a box swap indicated she’d like something for her cats so I thought and thought and landed on little felt sardines in different shades of teal/turquoise.

After drafting a simple fish pattern, I cut out the little fish bodies and stitched them together. I sprinkled a little catnip inside each one and gave each little sardine a pair of x eyes because it’s really the kindest thing to do. What live fish wants to be toyed with by a cat?

All bundled together. I added some twine around their tails because you could use them as lures with your kitty but mostly because I liked them all bundled up like they’d just been fished out of the sea.


I love these!
The X eyes are perfect!

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These are purr-fect! The X eyes also work because you wouldn’t want anything that could come off during play and choke them. These are awesome and I am sure they will get lots of use!


These are a hoot!

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How fun!! Lucky kitties!

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