Cats and Dog Birthday Card

Designed in CorelDRAW, cut with Silhouette Cameo. Sentiment drawn with a gel pen in the pen holder.


Just adorable!

Woof! Meow! (“Looks great!”)

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Love this! I love how you always explain your process too.

Love the cats and dog! And also appreciate that you share your card-making methods.

Is the pen from Silhouette or is there a way to hold other pens? I’ve never looked into drawing with mine!

Great design!

@Dooney It’s a regular gel pen, but I have the old-style Silhouette so I can’t speak to which pens fit in the new holder. I have a beat up pen holder that I melted/cut/taped so gel pens would fit in it.


This is so cute, seriously, ack!

You create such fun cards! I love the look of the little pup on the bottom :relaxed:

@AudiobookLover He’s blind (eyeless) so he always looks like that. Oh my, the paper pieces that made his eyes were so teeny! They were like thread.

Blue cat always looks shocked in real life, and red cat is long suffering.


Aw! I love seeing the real-life inspiration! You really captured them!

I just realized I meant to turn Flora’s (red cat’s) head 90 degrees. She’s a fat head and Flint’s a skinny head. Too late now. (Flint was still a kitten in the picture, but she just got longer and longer as she grew.)