Centering Non-square Crafts

(if you have any techniques you use, add to this post, :smiley:).

For finding equal sides on the plaques I’m working on, I made an angled diagram.

To which I can place the piece over.

Now, for this piece, I merely eyeballed it, but if I wanted to be more precise, I could have put two strips of tape parallel from top to bottem, and two strips parallel from side to side, leaving a hole in the center.

And for more precision, I could have labeled the lines for the angles, and using a larger paper/posterboard/etc. I could have added more lines along the bottom to ensure I could align it a lot more precise.

And here’s what they look like after adding the hanging cord on them.

(Mental note to self: Add some more images later to help explain that horrible explanation, :rofl:)


wow! these are lovely!
and I get the explanation after seeing them in hanging position – so much thought went into these…well done :slight_smile: