CFA Craftathon decorations

I have been lucky enough to score a ticket to Cricut Fans Australia Online Crafathon 2023 thats happening the first weekend in August. The theme this year is spring so I am having so much fun with the decorations, here are some of the projects which I have recently created!

  1. Cake Topper- This is the hashtag for the craftathon so I created this cake topper to use- not sure if I will put it on a cake (hence no sticky bits) I might just hang it on a wall.

  2. Pressed flower framed art. So I cheated here and used some stickers I found at Kmart to create this wall hanging. The frame comes from Ikea and I used the cricut machine to print out the text

  3. This is a Layered 3D picture, I cant remember where I got the SVG from

  4. Water colour Floral banner. I used the new cricut water colour pens to do this. The flowers came from design space. I loved how this turned out. Not a huge fan of the pens though.

  5. Paper wall hanging. Created from some SVGs I found online- they created a wall wreath with it but I wanted something different so I did this style.

  6. My friend created this one, she decided to make a flower crown for my glass head! She hand cut out everything.

I still have about 4 more projects to go. I am trying to win a decorating prize so fingers crossed I get noticed.


You have made so many really great projects with so many different materials and methods. YOU ROCK!

Wow! You could have made at least 4 post out of this one! Ha! You have been busy.
Let me start here. Your cake topper is very cute.
I never would have guessed the Bloom and Grow flowers were stickers, neat idea for that! It looks great and is very much in the spirit of Spring.
The layered shadowbox is very pretty.
I had no idea they had watercolor pens for the Cricut. The flowers turned out lovely. The banner is pretty.
Love how you switched up the wreath idea into a wall hanging. I like this better. It’s more modern and fresh feeling.
Your friend did a nice job on all of those hand-cut flowers!

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Your house must look as if a spring festival has camped out in it! So many pretty things. It’s hard to choose a favorite!, but I think I like the banner the best!

So many awesome decorations! I hope you get noticed, too. Those watercolor flowers on your banner are super cool. I would have never guessed you used watercolor pens for them!