Chair Redo

Old chair recovered with mid century fabric.

My neighbor gave me a chair, which originally had turquoise vinyl and had been redone, probably in the 1960s, with yellow vinyl.

I discovered a (bark cloth?) bedspread in my basement that had been in my grandmother’s house back in the 1950s. I soaked it in quilt soak and was able to salvage enough fabric to cover the chair and make cording.

I don’t have a BEFORE before picture, because I’m extremely impulsive about projects and tend to dive in and get up to my elbows before I think to take pictures.

This is the yellow vinyl that came off it.

Old foam on the chair back, old padding on the chair seat.

New foam for the back.

And seat.

New seat cover.

It’s stapled to the bottom.

Back added.

Arms screwed back on. Done!


OMG, that fabric. That’s just fabulous, a total masterpiece. Wonderfully done!

Great fabric! Is it bark cloth?

Fabulous! Love the fabric.

I have to admit when I saw the thumbnail picture, I thought it was the original chair because the fabric looked torn. Once I read through and got a better look, I love the fabric.

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I believe it IS bark cloth, yes. It’s weird and wonderful.

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Spectacular save! The fabric is so great and just right for this chair.

So pretty! I love the little red building!! So amazing.

Wow, nice redo and what a fun new chair (to you)!

Love this! Great job!

Turned out amazing!

Fabulous! And how wonderful that you had stash fabric that’s perfect for this style. I love it!


That is gorgeous!

Love that you could salvage enough of that fabric, it’s just perfect.

Congrats! Your project was one of the best of 2021! You are awesome!

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