Challenge chain, for fun and to get us out of our corona slump

I claim Spring…I plan on making a garden themed wall hanging…

My challenge is Crayon…today is National Crayon Day!!


I claim @AIMR’s crayon
I’m making a mask
I’ll have it done by Thursday

My challenge is GREEN


I claim @Cindy and green!
I’ll either finish another photo-based masterboard (painted green) or complete the drawstring waistband on a green skirt I reconned. Two days will be my deadline.

My challenge for the taking: art/craft supply love! (Create something showing the love, or perform some maintenance/repair/cleaning of a supply/tool)


I claim @calluna show the love. I bought an old lidded cast iron pan in the salvage yard. I’m going to restore it and then use it to make the Aussie classic, damper, over a wood fire. It’s going to be a big task, so I’m giving myself a week.

My challenge is bees

We have a colony of wild native bees in the eaves of our house. They haven’t been seen yet this year and I’m hoping the survived the winter and will put in an appearance soon. Maybe people crafting bees will be the encouragement they need!


Can’t wait to see this! I love cast iron pans

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Bees! I pick bees! I give myself this week because I jammed up my finger & crafting is sloooowww.

My challenge is MONSTERS!


I claim MONSTERS! Two days to draw some atc monsters and water color them.

My challenge is MYTHICAL!


I’m grabbing mythical! Two days for a mythical ATC or notecard (haven’t decided which just yet).

My prompt is METAL.


I claim METAL!

I’m going to attempt an assemblage piece, which will incorporate metal.
I should have it finished on Saturday (unless I have to order more E-6000). Maybe I’ll order some just in case! ETA: I just checked- I have a partial mini tube left, so I ordered some, but I won’t have it until Sunday. So, I’ll need an extra 2 days.

My challenge is Purple!


I’ll claim PURPLE
I’m going to make my friend a zippered tote bag (it’s been on my to-do list for several months)
I’ll have it finished by Sunday

My challenge is WATER

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I claim water
I’m going to paint something that should be done by the end of Friday.
My challenge is sunshine

I claim @Wildblue for sunshine! I’ll give myself until Friday afternoon to make a sun catcher.

My challenge is BOOKS - inspired by a favorite book, use book pages in your project, make your own book… interpret as you like :smile:

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I claim @BreadMenace’s books, sometime in the next week since I’m not sure what I’m doing with it yet.

My challenge is non-seasonal holidays.

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I claim thanate for non-seasonal holidays. Plan is to make a birthday gift (collage) for a family member.

It will take two days.


I claim FROM LOUSY TO WONDERFUL from @GabeTheQuacker. Within the next 5 days I’ll bind the mixed media book I’ve been preparing, which is transforming lousy old photos of largely lousy memories into something new and, by comparison, wonderful. In the process, perhaps not entirely by chance, the stories and memories themselves are transforming into something better.

My challenge for you: INSPIRED BY A FELLOW LETTUCE-CRAFTER (or Craftsterer, if they aren’t yet on this site)


Grrl, I do that one every day. I’m going to make @pottermouth’s amazing snail game quilt but I’m waiting on some fabric so I give myself a month. I do promise to post something from this theme sooner though, since I am forever inspired by all y’all!

I know, I know. It’s, like, the hardest craft ever. You can do it! I believe in you :orange_heart:


Oooh! Pick me, pick me!! :raising_hand_woman: I have something in mind to make for myself! I’ll give myself 3 days to stencil myself a tee!

My challenge is HEROES. Mythical heroes, literary or religious heroes, superheroes, first responders/medical staff, personal heroes…


I’ll take heroes from @Bunny1kenobi ! I’m going to try to make masks for the heroes working in the hospitals. I’m a little intimidated so I’ll give myself a week.

My challenge is GAMES!


I claim GAMES (yay, I love 'em) from roler.

I don’t yet know what I will make but I have made games before so I look forward to it.

My goal is to complete it in 3 days.

Challenge : Confront a fear

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I claim Confront a fear from @GabeTheQuacker: I’ll set up my serger today or tomorrow and actually start using it! It’s been sitting in the box for a year now… I’m aiming for a wearable piece of clothing for myself and some mending done by the end of the week, too.

My challenge is IN STITCHES