Challenge chain, post your completed challenges here, and chat about the challenges

I have never even heard of such a quilt. It is incredible. Well worth the extra effort and yay! Use the good fabric! It IS a joy to work with the best supplies.

So gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like this either!

Oh wow @Edel! That is so beautiful! :orange_heart:

@Magpie, I hope your rose will make it and all your seeds will blossom.
Oh, yes I do know how hard it is to cut foam and the thicker, the harder to get it even, round or whatever you want. I bet it will be so pretty when it”s done! :+1:t3:

That is absolutely stunning!!!

Use a serrated turkey carving knife…I have an electric one and it goes through foam like butter!

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I did use that sort of knife :unamused:. Not electric but I am told I’m pretty energetic so…

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We used an electric turkey knife, too, when we made cushions for our new couch.

I used @endymion’s geometric prompt to finish sewing the pieces to my daughter’s soccer t-shirt quilt. Lots of squares and rectangles circles (soccer bals). I just need to add borders tomorrow.


Oh @Edel that’s beautiful … good job on doing it so quickly.

Such cool quilts!!!

This is gorgeous. Wow!!! So neat and symmetrical. I always get stuff a bit wonky, yours looks 100% perfection.

This is soooo fun! love it! And a nice big quilt, too, which is really nice.

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This is so inspiring to me, it really makes patches much more appealing. Hubby has a pair of tatty Kuhl pants that he swears he’ll “only wear around the house” (except, of course, when he forgets and grabs his keys to go pick up dog food, etc.!), I’m going to sneak them off overnight and use some of his old, holey jeans that I’d stashed for a future project to patch the holes, muahahaha!! :smiley:

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My challenge from @jemimah was IN THE FOREST. I finally completed the needle-felted squirrel I started a year ago at the Asheville meetup, courtesy of @PerfectlyBohemian’s workshop and tutorial! True to form, here’s the little woodland critter in the forest:


Ooh, what a cutie! Perfect action shot!

oh…how sweet is that!

Your geometric quilt looks fab @Lynx2Lancer!

I love the squirrel @calluna, he’s adorable!

Cute, cute, cute!

Perfect little spot for it!!

oh man…I am going to have to remember what challenges I have taken up! I forgot that I was doing Fishes!

I think I already forgot what I was thinking…so I will have to think of something else this weekend!

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I finished my cat challenge and fish but can’t share because they are in the mail. This challenge is an excellent motivator but my turn around is as slow as, well, the postal system, haha!