Chameleon wall quilt

In mid 2019, I did a swap organized by Janeen of Quilt Art Designs. The guidelines were to use one of her designs to make a mini quilt. I got Janeen, herself, as my partner. Talk about nerve wracking :woozy_face: I had a few of her patterns already so went with one of them as I didn’t want to buy one and give away the surprise.

When she received the mini, she sent an email to say thanks, she loved it and so did her husband, which she thought was wonderful.


I love her designs! Your quilting is superb, but yeah, nerve-wracking indeed! How sneaky to already have had one of her designs. I love it!

So awesome! I love all the greens, and the curly tail. Is it all paper pieced?

Ohhh, I really love how the eye looks like a camera lens, you know the sort that spirals closed? It gives such a sense of movement which is in fact a distinct trait of the chameleon eye! So cool

It does!

Oh, the pressure! But you rose to the occasion! Great work!


Yes it is

Thanks … I’ve done a few swaps with her and she sends a thank you pattern bundle after the swap so I have many of them.

This is amazing! Love it!!

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Fabulous work! But, I can understand that stress! Looks like you handled it just fine- I would have loved to receive that. I’ll have to add the pattern to my wishlist!

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what a fun pattern!
i like how you varied the greens on it as well.

its always nerve wracking to get the swap organizer as your partner, let alone the pattern designer!
how awesome they both liked it so much.

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Ooooo this is SUPER gorgeous!

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Wow, that is so gorgeous!! Beautiful work!!

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I love this so much!!! Amazingly well done!!

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How fun! He is super adorable.

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OOOOHH I love it!! I have a little experience with paperpiecing and I really like the technique. Great work, really stunning.

The greens you chose, that eye looking at you, just LOVE!

This rocks!! :metal:t2:


Paper piecing just looks so intimidating! On my list of crafts to try. Beautiful work!!

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Your mini quilts are so good! I love the color composition in this one.

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Please try! With a good tutorial, it is really doable!

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It’s really not … just start with a beginner one and you’ll soon be hooked.

Lovely - you picked a great pattern and did an amazing job as usual!

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