Change/expand post time to include date?

Is there a way to change the post time to include the date (MMDDYYYY - OR YYYYMMDD) the post was made? Depending when the original post was made, it can be tricky to figure out when someone posted. I understanding if the first 24 hrs is by hour, but a date format would make it “at a glance”.

I’ve checked my own settings (thinking it could be viewable by user) but I didn’t see it.

On my screen, posts made longer than 24 hours ago say 1d, 2d, etc. Do you want it even more specific than that?

Yes, instead if trying to count back 5, 12, etc days, to just see posted 01/28/2020.

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The day shows up on the scroll bar thing…as you move up or down, it does show the day. I think it is because this site is more interactive, i.e in real time…if you go to older posts, the month and day does show up…the scroll bar also shows the post number, like 321/321.

I’m using the Imbolc thread as the example

yes, the date is under the scroll bar under x / x is showing:

Here are some posts with 29 days, and 28 days, so the date should flip

but when using the down buttons, to click from post to post, it’s doesn’t selecting the post itself, so the dates aren’t changing on the right. You have to move the slide bar, until the post is at the very top, to get the corresponding date, the post is connected to.

but it doesn’t always work

because Edel is 28d, and at the very top, but MMito’s post is the one flipping the date over.

I was using this to scroll back through the times, to make sure everyone was posting at least weekly in the thread, and frankly, a date would just be easier. And I had very few I needed to keep track of. A date would be ETDBW.

ah…I see…it could be a problem with swap organizers or large posts…not the daily conversational posts…too much math especially for people like me who don’t even know what day it is most of the time!

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If it helps, you can mouseover or click on the hours/days on a post & it will show you the date.


Click (works on mobile too):

(clicking on it even gives you a link to that specific post!)


< BOOM > and now I know! Thank you!