Change of Address Postcards

Well, we finally decided to switch to a locking mailbox at the bottom of the mountain rather than renting the PO box for the next year. The vagaries of how that works means that it behooves us to tell as many people as possible about the change before they send mail.

We’ve done phone calls, email, online forms, and some text messages to the appropriate organizations and people, but the rest are getting these in the mail. Fingers crossed that not much falls through the cracks!

I checked the USPS site for the parameters that qualify for postcards and verified that some legal sized cardstock I had was thick enough with our Post Mistress. I used free clip art and Photoshop to make a jpg that I inserted into a document to print on our home printer.


Nice! And congrats on your new mailbox!


Thanks! I have mixed feelings about it, but it was the financially responsible choice.


Changing address is such a stressor! You can only do so much and you are going the extra mile with the postcards. They look great!

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I love that you used the word “behooves.” This is an exciting change! I love how you are sharing it!


Thanks, friends!