Changing bookmark sort order

Is there/can there be an option for users to change how their bookmarks are date-sorted? Previously my newest bookmarks were at the top of the list, which is my ideal setup, but now I’m getting the earliest bookmarks first. (And to my knowledge I didn’t change any settings.) Thanks!

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I checked and it changed for me too.
Seems like a mistake that wants to be fixed.

Could you share a screenshot with me please, @megwell? I just tested on mine and it added the new ones to the top of my list.

There isn’t a bulk sort option, but if you Edit a bookmark, it will move it to the top of your list due to your new activity on it.

Yeah, the new post I bookmarked today is at the top of my list too.

All my preexisting bookmarks show an updated activity date of 5d, so maybe something happened site-wide 5 days ago that updated all the bookmarks, making me think they’d been re-sorted when they were really just equalized (for lack of a better term). Is that by any chance when the reminder feature went live? That might explain it.

Ah, yes, that is when I installed the new reminder option. So sorry about that! I didn’t realize it would reset their activity dates.

No worries! I haven’t used that feature yet, but it seems like it will be handy.