Charcuterie boards?

I have a confession to make.

I am legit obsessed with charcuterie boards. :rofl:

Show me yours!

I need a new actual board. They had some ridiculous ones at Costco that were crazy long! I almost ordered one online the other day that is round and kinda unfolds into multiple levels

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What is that sorcery?? I want to see.

I almost bought it the other day!

Swivel Cheese Board


Boards themselves, or boards filled with food? My favorite board is one my parents gave me, of my home state of NH. I love excuses to use it.


That’s so cool! I had a beautiful handmade one my grandpa made with different colors of wood. But I forgot to take it when I moved out and my brother gave it to Goodwill. I’ve been absolutely heartbroken since I found out a couple years ago. It was the only thing made by him that I had.

Wow! That looks amazing!! :heart_eyes:

WHY?!?! :sob: Why would he do that?

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He’s an extreme minimalist and had no idea I cared about it.:sob:

Made by our friend for Xmas last year, I just love it. It’s rustic but very smooth, hard wood. It even smells great.


Oh my gosh, I need that in my life!

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One of my girlfriends just sent me a pic of a giant board covered in like 6 different kinds of French fries and 5 different sauces :rofl: Tater Board! :rofl: