Charm Pack Infinity Scarf

I saw a charm pack scarf on Pinterest last week and decided to give it a try. I lined the scarf with an eggplant colored fabric because I didn’t have enough batik in the right shades.


I love it!! Great fabrics. It looks super cute on you, too!

So pretty! The picture of you is the best! It looks so great on you.

Oh, that is gorgeous! And so are you, how nice to see your smiling face :blush:

What luscious colors and fabrics! Very pretty!

Beautiful!!! You look so darling in it as well!

Thank you, friends. You are so kind. This scarf was really fun. I think I might make more scarves for gifts. I especially think Christmas charm packs could be neat. :blue_heart:


It looks so cute on you! Nice job!

Very cute!

It looks great on you! And I love to see your sweet face!!

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That’s fantastic!
Do you have a link to the pattern you used or did you make it up?

I glanced over this tutorial to get the general dimensions, but then I just made mine up as I went.


I love batik fabrics! This is super cool.

Very pretty!

Congrats! Your Infinity Scarf is one of this week’s featured projects. You are AWE-SOME!

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what a great way to use a neat pack of fabrics that shows off all the different pretty patterns. i wanna do this! thanks for sharing.

lovely to see your face as well! :relaxed:

This is so pretty. I love the batiks that you used. I am sure these would be a hit for Christmas!

What a beautiful scarf!