Charmed I'm sure (and pendants)

I had run out of my other resin but I have lots of UV resin to use, so I got to work. I’ve been having a lot of fun making these and will be making many more. These are all using the Let’s Resin brand uv resin. I am waiting on the findings to finish the charms, which should arrive today or tomorrow.

And one bracelet. Half blue half red. Hard to capture in the photo but very shiny.


So many! How fun to make them all then look back over them. The koi fish are really special.

Wow! The koi fish are my favorites as well!

These are fab! I want to start resin, but tbh the stinky smell puts me off. I’m going to wait until summer and I can do it outside.

Did you make the koi?

Pretty, shiny little things! They’re great!

Wow! You’ve made such a variety! I like the swirly teal green you used in the two cats on the purple background.

Cool selection! I think the koi are my faves.

I did make the koi! I poured them in orange then added the black and white to them. The lilly pads are from the same kit the koi mold is from. They actually are part of a pond kit but the ponds need two part resin which I am not using at the moment.

The resin does not really smell. The uv resin has a faint smell while it is curing under the lamp, but it’s not strong at all. The two part resin I use (Clearcast 7050) has no smell at all either. I’m very, very sensitive to smells so I was happy to find these ones. I can pour for hours and I don’t get a headache!

So many different designs and types of charms! It’s hard to decide which I like best, though the koi are pretty cool!

Your cabuchons are adorable!

OMG-the koi! LOVE!

I’m looking at working with UV resin and saw your post. Thank you for all the information about what you used and whether or not it has a horrible smell! I was awful with two-part resin, so I have high hopes. Oh, what wattage of uv light do you use for Let’s Resin? I was thinking about buying the light separately rather than all in a kit.

The light I use is 40 watts and is for nails. It’s only $20 and works great.

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Cool, thank you for the link! I purchased some molds yesterday that I’m jazzed about and I’ll get the resin solution when the molds come in. Yay!