Cheap, thrifty drapes, less than $10 for drapes and pole

As you may have noticed we’re in the middle of major renovations. The bathroom was the latest part of the renovations. I painted everything white, tiled the baseboards, and put down vinyl floor covering. But renovations are $$$ so anywhere I can save cash is a good thing. We needed curtains for the bathroom. I used some old copper pipe that was taken out of the floor (there were sinks in every bedroom) some left over pipe fittings for the ends. Cup hooks to support the pipe (these will eventually get painted a copper colour) and then the curtains.

These are curtain linings that were donated to our online thrift shop, but couldn’t be sold so they were free. They were off white. So I created an ombre effect with chalk paint. Initially I thought the chalk paint was a mistake but I like the granular effect when it dried.

The only thing I paid for were the curtain rings and hooks.

In progress shot.

Don’t get excited by the windows, they are going to be taken out, they are teak, but are single glazed and that just doesn’t work in our climate. They will eventually be made into a glass house.


Gorgeous! Is it weird to say I really want to use your loo? Lol!


Ha! Feel free. Mi loo es su loo


Say that out loud :laughing:


I’ve had prosecco, am saying it out loud :joy::joy:


You guys are hysterical!

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Nice job and the painting came out beautiful!

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Love the loo! The curtains really bring it all home.

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They look great! And such a clever use of materials to make your curtain rod, too. Your floor and tile baseboards look great! Such a shame the pretty, teak windows are so impractical… but I can’t wait to see your glass house!


Such a clever idea, the fabric looks great! I love that you have already completely finished this room. Even though the rest of the house is still a long way from done, you can lock yourself in here and pretend the rest of the house is finished too, at least for a couple of minutes :laughing:

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Yes! Just walking into this room and looking at this spot calms me. The rest of the house is in chaos (although next week will bring much progress) it’s so nice to see the colour and the finished elements.

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…and is has a “chair” in it already… :rofl:

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Beautiful! I love the texture effect from the chalk paint. :blue_heart:


Congratulations! This has been selected as one of this week’s featured projects.

The chalk paint turned out neat. I never would have thought of using it this way.

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These turned out really nicely!

ha ha ha a loo made the week’s featured projects…ha ha ha only on LC!

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