Cheerup jewelry

my card playing buddies are all going through a rough patch, so I made some gifties for them.

Knee problems:

Back problems:

Death in family:

Anybody have photography tips to make these better? If I use my real camera, the pictures are crisp but enormous. These are from my phone, kind of dull, even though I played with adjustments.


Yeah, that’s the problem with phone cameras. Samsung’s have a decent Pro mode though. If you have a Canon, they make a GREAT wifi connector app for their newer phones. I think Adobe has lightroom for the phone, but its $$$.

The jewelry is very pretty. What a sweet gift!


Such thoughtful crafting, I hope they bring a little cheer to each of your friends :slight_smile:


Put them on something other than white. You can resize them to 75% or 50% when you upload to LC.


How thoughtful! I know these will be so appreciated by your friends.

I have seen a lot of earrings hung on something, like a clear or solid colored drinking glass, that helps them catch the light nicely. Your camera should have settings to change the size of your images which would at least get you down for the initial file. Not sure what all the various editing software options have for further reducing, but in Photoshop you can easily make them smaller in “physical” size (pixels or inches) and then save in a web-friendly format which takes away all the meta data and can make a huge difference in the file size.

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great tip, thanks!
I’ve already wrapped the gifts, these are earrings I made for myself.

obviously the clear works better than the blue, but I LOVE the aquatic feel of the last pic.


What pretty earrings! Very nice for a gift. And the photos are lovely, too.


They’re all so pretty! What gorgeous gifts.


Gorgeous gifts! And I like the ones you made yourself, too! I like that aquatic shot as well… in fact those earrings might be my favorites, but it’s hard to pick!


They are beautiful gifts and I am sure they will be appreciated. I had to chuckle at how you listed them by the ailment. The blue photos are very pretty too.

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those are my favorites, too. I LOVE opalite, even though most or all of it is just coated glass.
I have 9 pairs of opalite earrings, 3 necklaces, and 4 bracelets. They go with everything, color-shifting to compliment any color.

The other 8 pairs of earrings; I made #s 1, 2, 4, and 8.

I moved the light forward a bit so it illuminates the fronts of the earrings as well as glowing from inside the glass. Much better effect, and the color of the glass doesn’t affect the earrings as much.


So pretty!

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You don’t fool around. When you make earrings, you make earrings!

Everything looks great. Nice photos too.

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