Cheese grits corn bread

I have decided that it’s time to do a “freezer clean out”. We had about a cup of leftover cheese grits in the freezer that needed to be eaten, but it was not really enough for another breakfast. I added it to my cornbread batter and it was delicious. The cheese flavor was very subtle and the texture was so moist. I sprinkled loose corn on top of the batter before baking. The only downside is that it did not rise up as fluffy as normal.


Dannnnng, that sounds good!

Mmmm…way to be innovative with those freezer leftovers!

@TheMistressT it was quite delicious. It’s what I will do with future leftover grits now.
@Abbeeroad I’m trying to be a little creative to keep the meals interesting.


Clever use of grits! I bet my hubby would love this.

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Ok, What are grits?? (Dumb englishperson question)


Boiled coarse ground corn meal, similar to polenta. Often served with shrimp (prawns) here in the southern United States.

I didn’t know what grits were either!

It’s quite interesting as to the number of foodstuffs that corn can make. Cornstarch, grits, arepa flour, corn meal, corn flour, corn on the cob, hominy, (and I’m sure I’m missing something), and each one of those is a little to very different from each other.


Not dumb, I have never been able to figure it out either. It’s not corn meal like the sort made into hot breakfast, like cream of wheat. It’s not corn flour like what tortillas are made from. It’s not fine corn meal like what’s used for corn bread.
It’s not a thing served in Canadian restaurants, I just have no idea what it’s like! Unless it is polenta? That can be found in a tube in the Italian section.

Yeah, it’s not something I understand! I may try polenta because we have that here and then see how it goes…

@Renstar @Magpie Not exactly polenta, but that’s kind of the closest as far as texture. It comes as a dry product and you boil and stir it like polenta. Firmness or looseness of the final product can vary slightly depending on personal preference. We stir in cheese, salt, and ground black pepper as soon as the consistency is to our liking and piping hot so that the cheese melts and mixes in it evenly. Amount and type of cheese is also a personal preference.

Here’s a recipe that shows what shrimp and grits looks like.

Not a fan of seafood with cheese but I do like polenta with chorizo & rapini so I’d likely enjoy grits. I’ll ask my parents to bring some from Florida.

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Oh, yes, quite delicious with chorizo. It’s corn, so it’s great with virtually anything.