Cherry Blossoms on the Wind Hair Fork

Another piece from my recent convention. :slight_smile: This one is more of a classical piece, instead of pushing the envelope with new ideas. One large white chrysanthemum, cherry blossoms, a butterfly and swirling wind.

I was originally going to make a tsumami (folded silk) butterfly to go with this piece, but the base was much larger than it needed to be so I went with a holographic butterfly instead that was already the right size.

This is what the back looks like, if you’re wondering. I try to cover the back of the bases with fabric or washi paper. I used washi paper for this one.


Your work is always so delicate and lovely!

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Absolutely beautiful!

So pretty!

I was a little mystified by the thread title
cherry blossoms? wind? hay fork??
Oh, hair fork! This must be one of Appledainty’s pieces!

Absolutely lovely, and so delicate!

and nothing to do with hay.

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Soooooo pretty, love it!

Just amazing.

I imagine people going to fancy party’s wearing these. They are so pretty.

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