Chex mix questions

I love Chex mix, received it several times in swaps as an extra (various flavours!) :yum:

I know there are recipes to make it, but our ingredients for the crunchy snacks don’t always taste the same.

I’ve been looking at whether I can get it here (UK) but want to know what kind of prices you pay in the US to see if it’s comparable or whether I should just bite the bullet and try to make some to see if it’s as good. :woman_shrugging:



In Michigan, USA, I can get most varieties at walmart for $3.96 for a 13.5 oz bag (29.3 ¢/oz). The special ones are a little bit more expensive:

  • Cheesy Pizza or Zesty Taco remixes are $3.96 for an 11 oz bag (36 ¢/oz)
  • Muddy Buddies are $3.96 for a 9 oz bag (44 ¢/oz)

My mom usually makes some around the holidays if you want me to find her recipe. :slight_smile:

The chex cereal we use to make it is $4.93 for an 18 oz box of rice or corn (27.4 ¢/oz) or $4.93 for a 19 oz box of wheat (25.9 ¢/oz). Though we buy the cheaper generic brands when we can.


Any tried and tested recipes would be welcome :grin:

My quick search showed I think I’m looking at £7.50 on amazon for a basic blue bag. (All flavours are good that I’ve tasted)

I use the official recipe from the Chex website - Original Chex Party Mix | Nuts and Bolts Snack Mix Recipe

I do make a few tweaks - i skip the wheat chex and sub in more of the other 2 and use peanuts instead of mixed nuts. So good! We only make it around Christmas time else I’d eat it all :joy:

That looks like a good recipe. I guess “chex” is a specific term that I don’t understand.

The weaved ones look like shreddies, (knitted by nana’s) here, some of the others are less obvious.

More investigation needed!!

I am only chiming in to say that I bought a 3.75oz bag at the Seattle airport last week for $6.99 and I felt robbed! There are decidedly few savory snacks at the airport!


Shocking!! But airports are highwaypeople that rob you blind

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Chex is a cereal brand. They make 3 kinds of Chex - rice, corn, wheat. Chex mix is the mixture (duh) not sure if it was invented by the brand. They’ve had the recipe for Chex mix on Chex cereal boxes forever and I remember my grandma used to make it all the time using that. In the last 20 or so years (probably longer) you can also buy premade bags of Chex mix made by the manufacturer (that’s what you would have had). My assumption is the recipe from the website will be the most similar to the “original” Chex mix bags you can buy.

An image of the cereal flavors.

I use Crispix - another US cereal brand. And I add way more Worcestershire sauce - just my 2 cents. Or pence…

I also like to add cheddar and pretzel AND parmesan flavored goldfish crackers. Makes it easier to scoop and snack!


I also like extra Worcestershire sauce and mini pretzels in the savory one.

I have also made a sweet mix with M&Ms…and I learned of one from my sister who makes a dried fruit and coconut mix one with the Chex cereal.

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Since you don’t have the Chex brand cereal in your country, I’d recommend looking for at least two cereals, of the wheat, rice, and corn varieties. You want something small enough to grab a handful of, but with a large surface area, that is light texture. The Chex pieces are hollow, pillow shaped bits, with a grid pattern. The holes in the grid are perfect for the seasoning to collect in. (I always like homemade better, because there’s always that one piece that got more of the buttery seasoned goodness!) I know that when she couldn’t find a specific variety of Chex, my mom would substitute Crispix, which is corn on one side, and rice on the other. Again, it’s hollow and pillow shaped, with a grid surface, perfect for collecting flavor.

I’ve always used the official recipe off the website, and I can report that their new microwaved version of the recipe really does work as well as the oven baked one. I think the microwave gives you a more uniform texture, like the commercially available mix. But the oven variety always leaves you with a few pieces that are crazy chewy because they got more butter than the rest (some people’s favorite bites). Just go with whichever is easier for you.

I tend to omit the peanuts, as I don’t like them in general, and replace with cashews or pecans, or skip them all together. You might be able to find bagel chips. Keep an eye out at your store for something that is small, but not too fragile, that could absorb a little butter without turning to mush, like Goldfish. My mom used to use Soup/Oyster crackers when I was a kid, and mini Ritz crackers work well too. And I think I remember a mix that used Fritos


Yes! Oyster crackers - my mom did that too.


I’ve used Crispix too! Easier dometimes than buting 2-3 boxes.

I like to use Cheezits-cheddar and white cheddar. I leave out the nuts. Add some hot sauce for more zip.

And I’ve made a gluten free version using rice and corn chex, and scouring the shelves for gf subs for the rest.


My mom’s recipe (I haven’t made it myself yet):

Chex Party Mix

1/2 cup margarine
5 Tbsp worcestershire sauce
2 tsp Lawry’s seasoned salt

4 cups corn chex
4 cups wheat chex
4 cups rice chex
4 cups peanuts
4 cups pretzels

Melt margarine in open pan at 250° F in oven. Stir in seasonings. Add in cereal, nuts, pretzels. Stir to coat evenly.

Bake 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes. Spread out on cut paper sack to cool.


She usually uses cashews instead of peanuts and bakes it all in a giant metal bowl. I’m not sure what cereals would be available in the UK to substitute for the Chex cereals, but there are lots of different recipes out there. We usually use Crispix to make puppy chow & I’ve seen snack mix recipes that use Cheerios.

Various recipes I’ve saved but haven’t tried yet:

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Fun factoid:

Chex cereals were developed by Ralston Purina, famous for animal feed. Puppy Chow, Cat Chow, cattle, chickens, even Shrimp Chow. Like, for shrimp to eat and get tasty on.** That makes the cereals People Chow, right?

**hmm, how about a seafood Chex Mix with those Japanese dried shrimp, octopus, seaweed… Oyster crackers, goldfish…

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We do on Amazon at a ridiculous price!!

Thanks everyone for your input, I’ll take a walk down the cereal aisle next time I go shopping and see what we do have


A nutritionist friend of mine constantly reminds me that a lot of our food was originally made to fatten up livestock… :unamused:

That being said, I love your idea for a seafood chex mix…maybe with some wasabi powder added for a kick!

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