Chicken Coasters

I made these coasters for a friend on my table loom. The weave structure is Doubleweave pick up so they are reversible (unless you include words). They were pretty time consuming but worth it.


Neato! The black/red colors are striking :smile:

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So cute! Love the red and black you used.

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Love them!

Also, I was half expecting to see chickens riding on giant coasters like sleds.

Those are so great! I love the colors too.

These are so cool! Weaving blows my mind!

So cute! Weaving sounds really difficult. You did a great job!

So cool! I love how ‘finished’ the specific weave makes the backs feel. I’ve been meaning to weave a small mat for my tea station, out of some of my silk treasures. Thank you for inspiring me to move that up on my To Do list!

Truly impressive! Weaving looks so complicated to me!

How cool are these? Super cool!

Thanks everyone.

That is so amazing! I only know the barest about weaving so doing a pattern like that is most impressive - great job!

These are great! :slight_smile:

Oh my word, they are completely adorable.

Those are amazing! What kind of table loom do you use?

These were made on an 8 shaft Ashford Katie table loom, though I only used 4 of the shafts.

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Thank you!

These are wonderful! I don’t have the patience to do doubleweave pickup (I only made it about half way tough the pickup sample in Jennifer Moore’s book) so I’m super impressed by those who do! Did you use anything for the charts?

Your coasters are fantastic!

I found an alphabet cross stitch chart for the Fresh Eggs coaster and chicken cross stitch charts for the others. It is pretty tedious, but I really love weaving images. It’s my goal to one day get a drawloom.