Chicken Cocktail Balls

At the beginning of the year I grabbed some cookbooks from the huge pile that we have and decided to go through them and try out different recipes.
Came across a recipe that uses already cooked chicken as the base.
I make a lot of chicken soup in winter, so usually have pieces of chicken from the soup waiting to be used up in other dishes.
These turned out really yummy and pretty, with a hint of Asian flavors from the herbs and seasoning used.


What binds them together? Does it call for eggs? They sound delicious and fun to eat! Are they tasty just as they are or is there some sort of dipping sauce?

What she said! :arrow_up: Enquiring minds want to know!

There are eggs, mayo and breadcrumbs in the mixture, that’s probably what holds it together.
The book suggests a few mayo based dipping sauces to go along with these. They have garlic mayo, herb mayo and mustard mayo. I didn’t try any of them yet, but they all look good.

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I love making these kind of things ahead so that when friends drop by, you can give them a snack.

I used to make a whole lot of nibbles when my husband was playing with bands…musicians are poor and they love to eat free food! :laughing: