Chicken cross stitch done!

I’m so excited this is finished - it has been my quarantine project. Pattern is by PlatoSquirrel on Etsy. image


This is lovely! I need to check out that designer.

Beautiful! I love the bold colours.

WOWWOWWOW! I love the colors for this style of piece! This looks like an incredible amount of work. About how big is it?

That is a gorgeous piece of cross stitch!

I love this!
It reminds me of a folk art style of art. And yay for beautiful chickens :chicken:

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that is lovely! chickens art is AWESOME

Great pattern! So many colors and stitches! Awesome.

So awesome! Love the design. I have a few patterns from them too. I should dig them out and start stitching.

Very nice! This reminds me of a kettle my mom has with a similar looking chicken on it.

Hi - it’s about 13 inches across on 18 ct fabric.

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This is gorgeous. Fantastic job!

Wow! This looks so intricate and I’m sure it was a lot of work. Beautiful colors!