Childhood Sports "Career" Jersey Memory Quilt

My ex-husband’s brother’s ex-wife’s son-from-her-second marriage (got that?) will be 18 this year. He’s played soccer most of his young life and his mom wanted to commemorate that with a quilt made from allllllllll his jerseys which she’d saved.

She’s not especially crafty so doesn’t necessarily understand that sewing is not exactly the same as quilting. :thinking: She asked me if she could commission me to do it, though, and since I had made a few tee shirt memory quilts I said I would!

She also sent a fleece blanket that has been printed with his team picture/trading card one year which I used along with black fleece to for the back. Because fleece is warm and thick-ish and they life in a hot climate, I decided not to use batting. This enabled me to just barely quilt it which is better for my machine and sanity. I used a “technique” I call Stitch In And Around The Ditch. Ahem.


I only had to piece one block which was nice - except I miscounted and thought I had to piece three. This one included a piece from his mom’s Team Manager shirt which she asked I include in an inconspicuous way. I think I accomplished that - it’s the blue strip.


There were a few pieces that were not jerseys including this sweatshirt with a pocket. I left the sides of the pocket open for fun - maybe a remote, tissues, or protein bar can go in there? :upside_down_face:

Because I ended up with a couple of extra blocks, I threw together a throw pillow cover to include as a surprise. Mom had requested that I send back any big scraps in case she wanted to make something for herself later - which I did - but if she wanted she could also keep the throw pillow cover for herself.

I sewed the sides together so that the strips ran perpendicular. It fits a 15" pillowform snugly and closes with a zip from stash.



It’s always satisfying to see the results with these memory quilts, but man I kind of dread doing them. That’s why I only do them when asked, but everyone I’ve done them for just LOVES them, so it’s nice to know that the effort is appreciated and used!

ADDENDUM: This is the largest I’ve done and is about a full/queen in US sizes. Approx 72" x 86" (183cm x 218cm)


Very cool! They will love it!

It’s awesome, all around! What a sweet thing to make - I’m sure it will be treasured.

Thanks, friends! Mom is EXCITED so that’s a good sign!


That is a LOT of work, good on you for taking it on. I love the sweatshirt pocket, it’s funny and useful. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled with it and use it well for years to come.

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So cool!

I can relate to ditch-adjacent stitching…


Thanks, friends!

That’s what I thought!

Sigh. I might feel bad about it if 1) I was an actual quilter or 2) this was made from evening gowns or tuxedos. Sports clothes are inherently casual, so my top stitching can be “casual” too.


I really like the pillow! Great job on it all - the pocket made me smile. :wink:

This looks great! I love the pocket!

So awesome! A personal history in a blanket! Love the pieced square and the hoodie pocket feature. The pillow came out great too!

It came out great!

But I have to ask… how are you still in touch with your “ex-husband’s brother’s ex-wife”, to even get asked to make her son a quilt??? :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Thanks, y’all! I am tickled that the pocket is getting some love!

Well, we’re not close or anything and phone numbers don’t change like they used to, but she is also the mother of two of my nieces - this kiddo’s half-sisters .

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I absolutely hate making those memory type quilts/blankets…lots of work and planning.

You did a fantastic job! Very thoughtful details like using the sweatshirt and the mom’s t-shirt…also love that you used the panel she sent. This is a very personalized piece!

I bet you are happy it is done…like you, it has to be someone I know before I will take on such a task. You did it with grace and skills! (as well as artistry!)

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I’m sure at some point my son would want someone like that. He’s always wanting to save his shirts that he’s outgrown. Actually, he says he wants to put them a frame or shadow box.
I like this much better. You did such a great job! I hope he’ll be appreciative. I’m assuming so.
And those pillows!

Thanks so much!

@AIMR This one was maybe the easiest to plan, because I had the most “blocks” to work with that I have ever had and the color and tone make up of the collection was also the most balanced. I’d like to stand my ground with “only when asked” but truth is that I have saved tees of mine and TheMisterT’s with something like this in mind. D’oh! :flushed: :grin:

Oh, I’d be tempted if I were you! :upside_down_face: Quicker, easier, will never be laundry again. But way more expensive, probably even if you paid someone else to do the sewing!


I’ve seen t-shirts stretched over canvas and just stapled in place for display. The big box craft stores have packs of canvas on sale every so often.

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You did such a beautiful job with the blanket and that pillow is just the sweetest, most thoughtful extra. Lovely work.

Oh, that’s a great solution! I was thinking of shadow boxes which are SO costly.

@Magpie Awww, thank you! Even though it was infinitely less effort and time and thought, I think I like the pillow cover best. At least partly because it is from the more interesting scraps.


That pillow is fantastic and a very thoughtful addition! I like your pieced block and the way you alternated the directions of the shields, it looks really good. Altogether, this seems like it will be super cozy to snuggle under, especially with the fleece backing!

I love when a craft is as personal as this! It is fantastic and I am sure he will treasure it for years to come!

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