Chocolate bunny garden flag pattern?

We celebrate Easter in that we eat candy and are happy that spring is on the way. So, not practicing religion-wise.

I would like to make a garden flag that is just a shiny chocolate bunny. No text, no other decoration, just the brown awkward bunny with shiny spots so it looks like chocolate.

I think I can find an image and create from there, but what should I use for fabric? I haven’t sewed in forever and I’m not the greatest at it. I can’t follow those paper patterns with the seam allowances and darts and all that.

Also, would you suggest a dark brown for the body and a seriously light brown or tan for the shiny parts? I’ll have to spend time looking at detailed chocolate bunnies and not the ones with the creepy white eyes.


This flag is pretty simple but still reads chocolate bunny. Felt with light embroidered accents might work but wouldn’t hold up to extreme weather.


I think that one looks pretty chocolate-y! I think the pose / shape of the bunny itself is also important - this bunny feels more like a chocolate one, while the one that @Tea posted looks more like a regular brown bunny to me.

To make it look more like chocolate, you could maybe use a shiny fabric, something like this? Mocha Brown Faux Patent Leather Apparel Costume Dance Vinyl Fabric – Fashion Fabrics LLC This colour / shine really looks liked melted chocolate to me.


Oooo…very chocolaty!

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Maybe marine vinyl for weather resistance? It won’t fray, either. You can paint details on it with the right paint, too.

Or outerwear nylon material - now it frays like crazy, BUT if you use a wood burning tool or heated stencil cutter to “cut” it instead of scissors, it will not fray. You just need to be sure you use an appropriate surface under it, like a glass cutting board.


@Tea @Abbeeroad @Immaculata @TheMistressT

Wow, you all have fantastic ideas! Thank you! I’m adding this to my 50 Projects list.


Another no fray option is to back the bunny fabric with fusible web, the cut it out and fuse to the flag. You can add layers for details like legs, and different fabrics for accents like eyes.

Then you have the option of stitching it down, for a piece that will hold up for a few years (and the fusible holds everything in place while you sew, no pins needed!), or just hanging it up unstitched, with the possibility that it won’t last as long.

If using thick or shiny fabrics, I recommend stitching; lightweight cottons bond more securely.


Chocolate Easter Bunny

I bought a few panels of the above and made stuffies, but you can easily cut this out, back it with heat n bond, iron it on the flag background of your choice, then embellish it with ribbon (and color in the creepy eyes with fabric paint or acrylic…easy, peasy!

It is just the bunny and it is a good size…

I can send you some of that yellow ribbon…I had to buy the whole freaking spool! lol


I will think on it and get back to you. Don’t you hate it when you have to buy the spool??

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