Chocolate sauce filled crepes

I reduced whole milk by a half, along with one teaspoon of vanilla. (Since my kids sleep so late, I had plenty of time on this, HAH)

just before they got up I started on the crepes.

1 c. flour
Dash of salt
3 eggs
1 tsp. Vanilla
2 Tbls. Sugar
Didn’t measure the liquids, but was about a 2:3 ratio of milk to water, and enough for the mix to be very smooth. (I used hot sink water to help warm it up so the flour would…gel? soak? congeal? coagulate? thicken? (that’s it)…thicken better while sitting).

Let sit for ten to thirty minutes.


1/3 c. of the reduced milk (I think, :smiling_face: )
2 Tbls. Butter
3 Tbls. sugar
11.5 oz bag of milk chocolate chips.

Heat half of the milk and butter over low heat til the butter is just melted. Mix in the rest of the milk to help bring the temperature back down, and blend in the chocolate chips until smooth.

Everyone loved them, :smiley:.


Yummy! What a nice breakfast surprise!

I make a similar dish but we fill the crepes with a mix of ricotta cheese and strawberries and then pour chocolate sauce over them. With a good strong cup of coffee, one is plenty and so yummy!

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ooh, that does sound good. Something for me to think about on my crepe days. Hmm! Blueberries, oh yeah. first one has to be blueberries…as long as I don’t forget, heh.

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Those really look yummy!

Mmmm… they sound delicious!

Yummy breakfast treat!

Mmm…these look amazing!