Chomp Chomp Scarf

I wanted to crochet something related to my dear eel plushie Katsuyuki Moray, so I did a Pinterest search for eel crochet patterns, and the first thing I found was this adorable “Chomp Chomp Scarf”:

Obviously I NEEDED to make it, but in Katsuyuki’s color! Mine’s a bit lumpy and wonky, but I still love it!

Here it is modeled by plushie Bentley the Frog:

I’m probably going to make another one out of softer yarn (and make it longer and adult-sized) so that I can wear it myself! This one will either be donated to the local food bank for their kids’ birthday boxes, or possibly given away as a prize on Katsuyuki’s blog… I haven’t decided yet!


OH MY STARS AND GARTERS this is so cute! How does the chomp stay chomped around the neck?

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The teeth are connected at the edge to make it into a keyhole scarf! :slight_smile: Friction holds it in place there once the tail is slid through the mouth slit.

And thank you! XD


That is so fun! What a great scarf.

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Oh my gosh. This is the coolest. I would wear it every day. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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So dang cute! And an eel no less!

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Adorable! And, it’s a clever design, too. It should be easy enough to make longer, I’m betting.

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Oh yeah, it’ll be easy to make longer! Just need several more rows of those dc, fpdc rows! :slight_smile:

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