Christmas cards

I am a stay at home mom since I was laid off in May 2020 during the COVID crisis, and to keep my sanity, I’ve been crafting with my toddler! Back in December, we made Christmas cards for everyone, and he had a blast with all the decorative stickers!

We also did handprint snowmen on small plastic ornaments as gifts, because we were still trying to get used to a single-income (hubs is a firefighter) and it was cheap and easy to do.


Those snowmen ornaments are really cute!

Handmade items are the best gifts anyway…and financial hard times has forced many of us to re-evaluate what is important…obviously, you are spending time with a little one and doing some fun stuff!

Hope things improve for everyone in 2021!

Also, those cards are just precious…bet the little one had fun!


We have actually done Valentines cards and Easter cards too, but I suck at taking pictures!! :rofl: I will have to remember to take pictures of the Mother’s Day cards before I send them out.


You should join us at the Happy Mail Craftalong…it is low stress and a nice way to swap but low cost and you can pick and choose to send a lot of a little…get to know everyone as well… @Reinikka, the organizer, also does themes and holidays…check it out!

Happy Mail


Those are adorable and a precious keepsake!

Those snow people ornaments are EVERYTHING!

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I think this is the best hand print craft I have ever seen!

I adore those ornaments! They are such a great keepsake and turned out adorable! The cards are great too. Having the kiddo help adds such a personal and fun touch.