Christmas chocolate

My youngest and I made these to send to his grandparents for Christmas. Perfect timing because everyone got sick at my house shortly after that. :roll_eyes:

But I think these turned out pretty cool- we used oils to flavor them. The red was cinnamon and the green was peppermint! The white was actually cookies and cream and we left the milk chocolate as it was. We turned the large pieces into peppermint bark!

Thanks for looking!


These are so cute! Great idea to make flavors.

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Oh, pretty! I bet they were a hit!

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Thanks! Iโ€™m hoping so!

Thank you! Yes, the flavors were fun!

Cute and yum!

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What a fun family project, they came out great!

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Thank you!!

WOW! These mustโ€™ve made an impressive package to receive! And I hope everyone is feeling better!

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Thank you! We are working on itโ€ฆ! Impatientlyโ€ฆ!

The Christmas tree looks so good!
Edited to add - they all do but the tree just pops.

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Nice job! They look so pretty and delish!

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Perfect timing! They look fantastic! Hope your family is on the mend soon.

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Thanks everyone!