Christmas Cookies (with recipes) - Great LC Holiday Bakeoff 2022 Entry

I think we over did it on the Christmas cookies this year, but people enjoyed receiving them as gifts and my kids enjoyed baking and decorating them. We made 5 types of cookies.

First up were 3 recipes from my late grandma that were her favorites.

Date/fig bars, a perennial favorite amongst those we give cookies to, but not my personal favorite.

I used this recipe, but substituted a mix of figs and jujubes for the dates and used passionfruit juice instead of orange juice because it is what we had on hand.

Then we made some coconut lace cookies that are gluten free for all of our gluten intolerant friends. These are delicious and always one of my favorites, even though I have no issues with gluten. I made the mistake of doubling the batch because it didn’t look like much batter, but each cookie only needs 1/2 tsp of batter so it made tons. Silicone mats were so nice for baking these, it made them so much easier to remove after baking.

I used my grandma’s recipe as written

And then German Honey Cakes. These are on of my daughter’s favorites, but the batter has to chill for 4 days so I don’t make them often. We added Christmas sprinkles on top for some festive cheer.

I thought we were done at this point, but my kids insisted that it wasn’t Christmas without gingerbread. We tried a new recipe this year (this one) and it was delicious and a pleasure to eat, but it was not structurally sound for the tiny gingerbread houses the kids insisted on me making and them decorating. Between soft gingerbread and a vegan aqua fava royal icing I got very frustrated putting them together. They did turn out cute though. The gingerbread village includes a ninja, a cyclops, and an alligator (of course). Next year I’m making different cookie recipes for eating and building with.

Last up were some chocolate chip cookies for Santa. No picture or recipe for these, I was burned out and let my husband make them with the kids, as is tradition in our house. They used the recipe on the chocolate chip bag. They were also delicious. :laughing:


I love lace cookies, so crunchy crispy tasty, yum!

That is a lot of gingerbread structures, wow. We did one. From a KIT! lol

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I love lace cookies too, I hadn’t made them since pre-kids (and pre-silicone mats) and I am so glad I decided to make them again this year.

As far as the gingerbread goes, this recipe was far too soft to build with. I made many gingerbread creations in my youth, but hadn’t made a structure in years. I’ve gotten the kids Halloween gingerbread house kits on clearance the last few years (they love Nightmare Before Christmas so I figured the theme was fine for them) but I didn’t get one this year. I foolishly thought that small houses would be easier and it would be just fine to make them with the softer gingerbread. Nope. I definitely was regretting my decision as I spent hours assembling them and they kept falling apart. At least I learned for next year. Also assembling the houses one day and letting them set over night and decorating them the next day would also be a good idea…I should try to remember that. They did look awfully cute regardless.


What a lot of baking fun! And such cool types of cookies. May have to try the honey cakes…

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Amazing! Love the old hand written recipe. I’m also intrigued by the honey cakes!

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Time to Vote in the Green Holiday “Greens” Challenge!

And this year’s Bake Off!

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Love that a lot of them were old-fashioned! They look delicious. :heart_eyes:

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