Christmas crackers a homage to "the good life" (1977)

When I was a kid, we loved watching the good life it was an English sit com about a couple who were trying to be self sufficient in their suburban home, and the posh couple next door. Not all the humour has stood the test of time, but it was the 70’s

We watched the 1977 Christmas special and the self sufficient couple being permanently broke, had home made Christmas crackers. We’ve been feeling increasingly uncomfortable about Christmas crackers for a few years, mostly the waste of paper and the plastic crap you get inside. So we stopped buying them last year.

This year, inspired by the programme, and for a bit of fun, I made some out of newspaper+ toilet rolls.

Like all crackers, inside there needs to be hat, bad joke and a novelty.

These are the hats (also out of newspaper as per the programme)

The novelties, a pair of cufflinks, earrings and bracelet. (Better than the usual plastic stuff)

Part of the joke in the programme is that you have to shout bang when you pull them. This is the full episode, if anyone is curious about a quite funny, somewhat sexist 70s show.

It’s been kind of a random way to spend the day, but life needs more Whimsey.


I think our local PBS station used to play re-runs of that show in the 80’s or 90’s.

Your newspaper Christmas crackers are awesome! I LOVE that you have to shout, “Bang!” when you pull them. :rofl:

My sister, whose daughter spent a few years in Wales, introduced us to Christmas crackers a few years ago. I found a box of fill-your-own crackers on clearance a year or two ago, and am saving them for a Christmas when my sister and I can be together.


I love that show! My local PBS station used to run Good Neighbors (the American broadcast title) and To the Manor Born every Sunday night, followed by All Creatures Great and Small. I always had dinner ready to eat as the first show started!

I love your homemade crackers, and next year I am going to make some too! Great inspiration, and i really like how you could customize them to each recipient. Now I need to learn hat folding!

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So awesome! I was JUST researching making my own crackers! Love this.

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These are all the kinds of great! Great memories, great motives, great execution!

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This is so fun – I will have to check out that show. My husband and I are obsessed with Are You Being Served? and my favorite episode is the Christmas one where they pull the crackers at their department dinner.

Also, the beaded bracelet that you made is really beautiful!

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Are you being served is also excellent, also very 70s!

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I love Christmas crackers. These are awesome!

Just saw the other day it’s on Netflix now. But I can’t make myself watch it. I used to watch it with my grandpa, I’m so afraid it would be a disappointment. We watched All Creatures Great and Small a couple of years ago and it was just like I remembered it.

On topic, love your crackers! Eco conscious and more fun when there’s something in them you actually will use.

I love your version darling!

These are great!

We grew up with Christmas crackers and my brother and I battled with mom every year because we didn’t want to wear the stupid paper crowns. Back then (40+ years) the toys were quite fun.

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How fun are these? I LOVE it! Now I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole researching how to make my own cracker snappers, lol. I will just look for some to purchase to add to home made crackers for next year, I will be doing this for sure. Our kids are going to adore it.

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I am thinking we’ll do this in our house of 3 this year. Kidlet is 4 so that’s a perfect age to give her a budget, explain the project, and let her take the lead. Probably we’ll have dollar store trinkets, but we can upgrade for next year.
Thanks for the inspiration!

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I’m making crackers! But without the crack since they are hard to find here. I brought home these tubes from work

Gotta find or make some little trinkets, print out jokes, & I’ll make quicky fabric crowns with elastic headbands so they can be reused each year. I’m excited about this project!


Love it!
I am totally stealing your reusable crown idea… maybe next year!
I’ll have to plan the size/bases first then let her go to town on the surprises inside. And I’m totally letting her compose/choose the jokes, that will be hilarious (because the jokes are definitely not! haha).

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