Christmas Craftalong

I think that’s because most of those recipes either call for or assume the use of jam sugar, which is sugar with added pectin. It’s not impossible to find pectin on it’s own here, but you’d have to know where to look, and jam sugar is available in every supermarket. English recipes don’t even mention canning, Dutch recipes usually include something along the lines of “optional: waterbath can for long-term storage”. American recipes are indeed much more detailed but it’s a hassle converting quantities of regular sugar and pectin to a quantities of jam sugar.


I’ve just found this thread and am going to shamelessly steal ideas. However I won’t be doing a whole heap of homemade gifts. In general I am trying to reduce the amount of gift giving, as we all mostly have enough stuff. In general I tend to give more consumable stuff.

Having said that, there are a few people in my life who do appreciate hand made, so I am going to make a couple of throw pillows with stars similar to this, for my sisters.

And a ton of christmas crack. Which I have made every year since @MistressJennie posted the original recipe on deadster about a million years ago.

I have a lovely friend who adores green and green velvet, I have some old green velvet curtains, and I was in a holiday house recently, they had a gorgeous velvet throw, which was simply velvet on one side, with a fringe at the ends. So I will make her one.


I just realized it’s only 50 days to Christmas!

Started these today.

Middle ones are for me and Mr. Imma, left one for a friend and the right ones for their pets! We always celebrate Christmas with them.

I have another one of those panels that was supposed to be for my family members (mum, brother, sister and BIL) but in the mean time I’ve gained a family member! I knew my brother had been casually seeing someone for a while but we were recently introduced and she’s going to spend Christmas with him.

My mum is still planning to host a big family Christmas but we’ll probably not go. With the current infection rates we don’t feel 11 people from 6 households should spend the day together in the living room of a terraced house. I have expressed my doubts but I’ve not officially confirmed we’re staying home. In my family we traditionally don’t give Christmas gifts at all @Edel but I’ve started to send homemade, mostly practical gifts, because I think pandemic life is boring enough! You’re right that most people have way too much stuff already. I wouldn’t be happy if people gifted me a bunch of plastic crap.


Those stockings look great!


They are from Benartex, from the Better Not Pout collection! I will probably line them with plain cotton and use fabric from stash for the back. If I have lots of time I’ll embroider the names on top.


Recently made piles of Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors…

Strawberry Balsamic & Black Pepper Jam

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Raspberry Rose Jam (with the addition of 1/4 tsp rosewater)

Banana’s Foster Butter

Butterscotch Pecan Shortbread Cookie Mixes

Cranberry Hootycreek Cookie Mixes

Ranch & Ras el Hanout Spice Mixes


I decided that if I haven’t started on the stockings for a countdown to Christmas calendar than maybe I don’t actually want one as much as I want to want one. So I tabled that for 2021 and I’ll revisit in for next year. maybe. In the meantime I really DO want to make some silly Christmas socks for the 3 of us so I bought the needles that somehow I didn’t already own in my vast collection of bits and bobs and am casting on the first pair tonight. I’ll do them in order from largest to smallest, I think. Might give me a snowball momentum and I’ll actually finish them! ha!


I’ve finished the socks for my mum!

They’re slightly darker irl.

As I didn’t get to craft last weekend, today will be my big Christmas crafting weekend. Plans for this weekend:

  • finish stockings
  • finish towels
  • cut fabric for tablerunner
  • start cards

End of Christmas crafting day #1 accountability list!

  • Finished socks
  • Ironed fabric for stockings (will finish them Monday night instead when Mr Imma is working)
  • Ironed and cut all fabric for tablerunner
  • Started cross stitch card

So, not a bad score at all! Tomorrow I’ll have to clean first and then we’re going to get a tree and that will need to be decorated of course. But there’ll hopefully still be a few hours for crafting at night.


Time is in short supply these days but I’ve wanted to do this project since our auntie gave us the advent calendar house a year or 2 ago. The numbers are pin back buttons from Michael’s hot glued on. Our aunt was actually over the other day so it seemed a perfect opportunity to work on it together. We pulled the pins off to make the buttons more low profile.

It’s filled with festive chocolates the kids have been enjoying each day.


Love it!

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So, I finished up the first 4 stockings, but they’re already on their way to their new homes! I forgot to take a picture.

I also made a bottle of speculaas cream liquor for friends that visited yesterday. The friends loved it and polished off most of the bottle and took the rest home, where it probably won’t survive the weekend. My guess is it’s quite strong but they didn’t seem to mind! I don’t drink at all, Mr. Imma only drinks beer, so we each tasted one teaspoon and it was nice enough. Because of the cream it doesn’t taste like alcohol that much and you can really taste the spices. I will post the recipe, it’s a slightly adapted version from a Good Housekeeping magazine. Here’s there recipe: Speculaas cream liquor


How are you Christmas crafters doing? I have a few almost finishes that will hopefully all be done by tonight! It’s 5.15 pm here and I just put away my work laptop for the night.

  • 2 stockings left, one is done except for bias tape, the other one is pinned and ready to sew
  • Cross stitched piece (free kit that came with magazine) is done except for two buttons, I’ve found fabric scrap for backing, almost ready to sew
  • One large hoop embroidery, embroidery is done, needs to be framed in hoop
  • One small hoop embroidery (free kit that came with magazine) halfway done, needs to be framed in hoop afterwards
  • Christmas themed masks

I really hate finishing in a hoop, I just really happen to like the look of the finished piece.

done with the stockings! Here’s the proof Christmas stockings finally done! No more stockings for me!


I have completely lost the plot on my Christmas crafts. Thank goodness i made that candle mat and bell garland way early or i’d be a total disgrace! Haha
I got caught up in some new yarn for a no-deadline project and, true to my procrastinator core, just keep going back to that project. Ah well. Sometimes you just have to accept the muse is a tricky mistress and go where she takes you.


Hmmm 14 days until Christmas? Any second now I will start trying to make a bunch of hand-crafted gifts that take too long (each). I mean, who am I to break the traditions of the season?


I won’t be breaking that one either :roll_eyes:


Did you already finish the no-deadline project or is that still a WIP while it’s being put on hold for Christmas? :rofl:

I’m actually doing pretty well with regards to Christmas gifts, other than that I’ve still not sent out any Christmas cards and I’ve only made a few. On the list for this weekend I suppose.


Ohhh it’s still a WiP, yet another long-standing tradition that’s close to my heart! Haha!


One of my own long-standing traditions is starting new Christmas projects between Christmas and the New Year, when I’m off from work, have time on my hands and am still in the mood for Christmas. Then after Jan 1st, put away the WIP until December 15.


I have a shawl, 2 hats, and ornaments to finish. Let alone the cookies…

You’re in good company here. :laughing: