Christmas Craftalong

No cookies. I weigh an extra 25lbs right now. One of the kids might be gluten intolerant too, we’re having to test & see.

I absolutely craft for stress relief, 100%. I love making things for other people but lately I’ve disliked the feeling of pressure & I know if I make for 1 person, I’ll feel like I need to make for everybody. I’m opting to keep gifts random.

How do you all handle that, having to figure out a craft for everyone on your list?


I don’t usually craft gifts for Christmas, but I do like making new things for my home. I never finished some of the things I did last year and we didn’t decorate a lot. I would like to make up for it this year and go all out!

Here is my short list for now:

Cat stockings (2)

Small tree skirt for our little tree

New Christmas wreath for front door

Repurpose old rectangular tablecloth into Christmas square tablecloth

Christmas mug rugs for random give aways (maybe six or so)


Jim’s mom’s sand tart cookies

Cookies for neighbors

Cookies for service people

Fudge for Jim’s sister


I only craft small things. The grandparents get ornaments featuring the grandkids every year and printed picture calendars.

My mom, grandma, and aunt (they live together) all get crafted gifts and small items.

If I’m up to it I craft for my 3 nieces and one nephew, but usually it’s a book, wearable, and small toy each. The wearable is usually the crafted component (cricut, tie-dye, or, this year, knit).

My gift list is not too much beyond that (my kids obvi and the in laws), but the rest is purchased. I don’t craft for everyone and I certainly don’t craft everything.


Well that sounds like a manageable balanced list, fun and not stressful. I look forward to seeing all of your creations, for self & for others. Maybe it’ll get me into the holiday spirit.


No. Nope. Nopity-no. I jusssssssst got through the Big Spring Birthday, Etc. Rush and need a rest! Srsly. Between April 13 and June 16, 3 of the 4 girlfriends I exchange gifts with, my mom and our niece, and TheMisterT have birthdays. Then Mothers & Fathers Day (just bringing up the rear). That said, I do pick up gifts as I find them throughout the year, keep a secret Pinterest board that includes sub-boards for everyone on my list, as well as a more specific list in Google Keep.


My gift recipient list has shrunk considerably in recent years with everyone feeling overwhelmed with the stuff in their living spaces. So now I look to a need/true love and make something if I find a match.
Like, my brother is always colder than the average bear so he got a warm knit hat at one point. He loves it and wears it in all seasons. Another brother was a smoker in New England so he got fingerless gloves. My husband and daughter will get more handmade things because they truly appreciate them.
I like to think up ideas for everyone and then obsess over if they would actually like/use them and then start too late to give them for Christmas.

We all need traditions. :laughing:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There were a few years when I made just about every gift. I had a slightly smaller list and the nieces were young kids who are easy to make for, but still it was A LOT and now I only make things if I have a truly appropriate idea and the time/money/materials to execute. I am lucky that just about everyone on my list appreciated handmade, but I also try really hard to give gifts specifically for the person so handmade doesn’t always work. Even if it’s a gift card, it’s a gift card to a place they really like.


Our families aren’t really gift givers, so it’s not like we are buying or making piles of presents for our family members. I usually send a care package to my mum, siblings and friends that don’t live locally with a few handmade items, some baked goodies and maybe a bought thing if I just happened to come across something they would like.

Other than that I swap some handmade gifts with crafty friends. Sometimes someone feels overwhelmed and no one is mad if someone skips a year. Those don’t feel like chores at all, it’s just like LC swaps but in real life! Last year my friend threw in a packet of sewing machine needles as an extra and with the shops closed due to the latest lockdown, and me having two weeks off from work, planning to craft all day every day, that was one of the best gifts I ever had!!


We’re doing Christmas in July on the 30th, and I plan to get a good portion of my Christmas stuff done before September

For Christmas in July
1)set of stockings
2)waterproof decorations
3)placemats/heat pads

For Christmas
1)Set of stockings
2)Tree skirt
3)Placemats/heat pads/bread basket/napkin rings
4)Mario quilt &
5)Placemats for the years of the month
6)Christmas cards
7)Christmas tags
8)Stocking stuffers


That is a huge list! Looks like you have a plan…

I do have two stockings to get done for my cats…maybe I will work to get them done this month!


@AntBee suggested I post these little stocking stuffers I made a few days ago; die cut matchbooks that fit a pack of sticky notes.


What great stocking stuffers!


@TheMistressT you work true magic with paper.

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Oh my goodness! That’s so nice of you to say… THANKS!

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It’s true! Everything you post here looks so professional and so well thought out. I’m sure the recipients of those stocking stuffers will absolutely love them!

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You are so sweet to say that! Thank you!


17 weeks until December 1st!
(I like to think I’ll finish crafting for Christmas by the first so I can enjoy the month, but we all know I’ll be furiously weaving in ends or still knitting when Santa pops by.)


Sounds about right. :joy:


Haha yes I remember one year (before kids) getting up early on Christmas Day to sew!

I need to look at the list I started drafting in January and haven’t gone back to since.