Christmas Craftalong

They are very pretty though! But I can imagine they aren’t easy to make.

I just came across this free pattern and thought this scrappy project may appeal to some people:


We are getting closer to Christmas! Less than 3 months now. No pressure!! I’m halfway through the 3d out of 4 Christmas socks. I finished my pair first, now I’m working on the first sock of Mr. Imma’s pair. I’ve not been able to do much that requires real creativity, so I’ve spent quite a lot of time knitting recently. I’ve been able to get used to the pattern, even though I still think it’s badly written.

I need to frame another piece of embroidery in a hoop, but I still need to stain that hoop. I’ve got the stain here on my desk but I haven’t gotten around to actually doing it.


My yarn and I are still glaring at each other from opposite rooms. I have a few things to work out and then I am going to decide if I am serious about my having silly Christmas socks or not. There are 64 days until December 1st so I have to get my act together here.


You must have a super power to glare from opposite rooms :flushed::smiley:

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Why havent I visited this thread/along earlier! So much inspiration, and so much help from others to craft!

I like to plan and do plan early in the year, both birthday gifts and xmas gifts, but I dont start working on them in time for most of the things. This year I have started though! But I think I need to speed up, and not get distracted by other crafts and projects I want to make.