Christmas Craftalong

I just thought of another thing I want to make for the Christmas in July stretch- the countdown calendar! I can muck about and try things in July that I simply wouldn’t have time for in November. Genius. Now to start ovetthinking it while finishing the June goals… :slight_smile:


Yikes. I grew up in California, and it has gotten so incredibly crowded. Every hill covered with houses, every street lined on both sides with parked cars. I can’t stand going back any more.


All I can say is, if you think CA is crowded, don’t visit Amsterdam (where my sib learned to drive) :laughing:


It’s a deal!
and if you think California is empty, try Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico…
Wiiiiiiiiiiide open spaces!


That’s one of the reasons why I’d like to do a journey from north to south. I really just cannot picture how empty your country must be. The US is twice as big as Europe with only half of the population, and there are a lot of barely populated areas here already. I literally can’t comprehend how a country can be even more empty than that.


lol When we have to drive through the mountains of Virginia on our way to Pennsylvania, those wide open miles seem to go on forever…most of the spaces we have that are like that are basically uninhabitable (swamps, deserts, mountains, etc.). Beautiful to drive through, but not to live…I do not recommend driving through west Texas…lol…my journal records brown desert, rocky desert, red desert, sandy desert, lots of desert! The saving grace was that you can drive 80 mph and no one seems to be around!


We did a two month road trip and just drove the perimeter of the US. San Francisco to LA, Gulf Coast, up the Atlantic side, then across the top to Seattle. Went to a wedding in New York and a conference in Seattle. We planned to camp in Yellowstone Park, but it was sleeting. Every hotel was booked, but a park employee told me to keep asking, and we got to stay at the Old Faithful Lodge.

I finished up with a 17 hour, 1day solo drive Seattle to San Francisco. Couldn’t do it today!

. I was super homesick by the time I got home.

Husband took the train home from Portland; it was nearly 24 hours late in arriving


Those sound like amazing trips!!

lol Australia :kangaroo: :kangaroo: :kangaroo: I still haven’t got used to the scale of this place.