Christmas Flying Pigs

For the past several years, I have been making my family’s Christmas card. Over the years I’ve noticed a pattern with my cards. I’ve either done a funny one or a cute one. Last year I did a cute one, so I felt that this years should be funny.

At first I was going to do sloths decorated in Christmas hats under a Christmas tree but I didn’t like it very much. I was looking through my Cute Chibi Animals Learn how to draw 75 Cuddly Animals book and found the pig and an idea came to my head!

What if Santa’s reindeer quit so he had to find a new animal to fly the sled!

I introduce you to Santa’s flying pigs!!!


I did the half in half because I wanted to show the reindeers at a beach and have it be shown that Santa had to use the flying pigs! I think it is really funny and I like it a lot!


Clever idea and the reindeer looks like it is living its best life!


Oooh I love that idea! And the execution of course. But the idea is very clever. Of course, Santa’s reindeer deserve a break too.

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Very cute! Love the concept as well!

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The reindeer and the piggies are so cute! And the concept is so clever and funny. Cool card!

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Cute piggies :smiley:

This made me chuckle because I know your age but this sentence makes you sound old :joy::joy:

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What a hoot! Such a fun and creative idea for a holiday card. I’m sure the recipients are going to really get a kick out of opening this.

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Clever idea! Rudolph is having great time!

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It is very funny! The saturation of colour is great too, makes it look so pro.

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