Christmas gnome cards

For me this Christmas card theme was gnomes! I hand drew, inked, and painted 20 cards to give to family and friends. I was going to do some kind of stamp and color but decided on five different designs instead of one to mass produce. I did four of each design. Here they are. Sorry some are sideways.

image image image image


These are really cute. I love this idea for cards. I buy cards every year but almost always, don’t send them. Thet might still be sitting in my living room. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Aww! Those are sweet!

Each year, I pretty much recycle the cards I get over the holidays…

I do keep one each year…why? Because my friend makes them by hand…

Your gnomes are adorable and will be remembered more than the mass produced stuff…

How adorable :smiley: and what lucky family and friends to receive such cute cards. I think my favourite is the last green one, mostly because it’s not “normal” colour :smiley:

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They are so sweet…hand illustrated cards are the best!

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Cute! Handmade cards are so nice to receive.

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WOW! You really make special cards for your peeps!