Christmas house miniature

I’ve had this kit for a while, but waited until we’ve decorated our own house for Christmas, before doing this. It was a cheap kit and so there were one or two minor issues, but in general I like it. I love that the mini Christmas tree lights up. I’m not sure why you’d have a cooked Turkey on the coffee table next to a couple of glasses of wine, but miniature world rules are different


Such a sweet and cozy scene!

This one looks so cozy and also quite a bit like a set from a Hallmark Christmas movie! Successful city woman goes to the small, mountain town her family is from to deal with her great aunt’s estate and finds that country people also living in tiny “apartments” but also finds love when a handsome stranger’s dog dashes in from the porch and steals her turkey off the coffee table.


The Turkey probably had to go in the living room because the tree is taking up the whole porch. Duh.

Sweet scene, love there’s a piano instead of TV.

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Ha! I’d watch that movie


And they don’t have a dining room, so what else would they do? :laughing:

I’m a bit worried that the menu is only Turkey and wine, with a dessert of candy canes from the dresser.


You’re right, let’s skip the turkey.

ha! yes let’s… As long as there’s plenty of wine, we’re all good.

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I just love these so much.

I think I’ve read this book lol

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She said ‘miniature rules are different’! Hilarious.

Nice work! I did that kit several years ago! It was fun, but I admit I did alter some of the props because they seemed weird to me too! :rofl:

How did I miss this? I read this whole thread and giggled all the way through! My husband thinks I’m loopy.

@Edel, your mini Christmas scene is adorable.

I’m glad you liked it and giggles right now are a good thing!

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