Christmas in July - Bottle Brush Tree Decorations by the Dozen+

For once I’m (almost) ready for this Christmas In July! Over the last week or so I’ve put together over a dozen new Bottle Brush Beauties using almost entirely stash. WOO!

Hold on to your (Santa) hats, cut I’m going to show all of 'em! Many of the bases are vintage, all of them “rescued” via thrift stores, garage sales, antique malls, etc.

I picked up some vintage wooden craft spools (never used for actual thread) in a grab bag of craft supplies at thrift store which turned out to be a great way to use the tinier bottle brush trees and so many nifty ribbons.

These cookie cutters came from an estate sale and were another great way to use fun ribbons.

Most of the ribbons are new, but not all. Some of the embellishements are vintage, some old-but-not-that-old, and some are newer. The only thing purchased was the grey dye for that one nutcracker.


Those are all great - I love how you used the cookie cutters for a few!

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Your collection of bottle brush tree decor is awesome! I love the variety!

Thanks, friends!

Great trees!

These are all awesome but my favorite has to be the elegant plum colored one. Gorgeous!

Thanks so much!

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These are so fun! I like them all (especially the ones on the spools and the one in the star cookie cutter), but I love how you used the one for the Santa hat!

I adore bottle brush trees. So festive and fun. The nutcrackers are my favorites.

Thanks so much, y’all!

It’s so fun to use the thrifted things for bases that kind of guide the rest of each piece’s vibe.

Love these so much. Each one is so unique.

Congrats! Your Bottle Brush Trees are one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

Awwww, thank you! It really is like Christmas in July!

The cookie cutter star is my favorite. I want to celebrate Christmas in July now.

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Your wonderful bottle brush tree collection has given me some ideas of what to do with my stash of spools. It’s like a little village suddenly grew up. Guess I need to get started on creating some too.

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Thanks, friends!

They are a bit addictive once you start digging around in your stash for bits and bobs!

The cookie cutter displays are brilliant! I’ve never seen them used like that and it’s the perfect little quirky frame.

Well, thank you!