Christmas Lightbulb Kissing Ball

My neighbors threw out a box of old Christmas light bulbs. Seems they REALLY liked blue! Or maybe they used everything EXCEPT blue, which is why they were left over–that actually makes more sense.

This kissing ball is made from C-7 bulbs. The center is a 1" wooden bead (with a hanging cord run through the hole BEFORE you start). I started by gluing bulbs in an equator around the bead, then another ring longitudinally to create quadrants. Then glued in more bulbs to fill in the quadrants. The tinsel fills in any gaps. The tinsel, by the way, is not strands of icicles but bunches pulled from a garland.


That’s so pretty and a great recycling project!

Goodbye mistletoe, hello lightbulb kissing ball! So fun!

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Great reuse!

It turned out great! I’m not usually a fan of tinsel, but I love how you used it here

So fun and festive!

Cute idea! I’m always looking for an excuse to kiss my husband- maybe I need to find some old bulbs… :heart_eyes:

Great save of these classic bulbs!

Very cool and super retro! Love it!

This is amazing! I love the reuse of the bulbs and the subtle sparkle with the tinsel.

I love vintage or vintage-look ornaments made of glass, not plastic. I love small ornaments for mini trees and larger ornaments for the regular sized tree. Red, green, and white (“snowy”) are my favorites, but I have seen trees that are decorated in all one color (like blue) with “frosted” ornaments added. Anything that is elf, reindeer, or present-shaped with lots of glitter is also
nice paintball gun.

This is charming. So totally nostalgic and adorable.

This is such a cool idea to repurpose old ornaments and bulbs and whatnot! Retro and fabulous!

Congrats! Your project was one of the best of 2021! You are awesome!

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