Christmas Lightbulb Wreath

When my neighbors threw out a box of vintage Christmas bulbs, you KNOW I grabbed them.

This wreath is made from the huge A9 bulbs. I had a metal wreath form on hand, as well as the white garland.

My spacing got a little off as I went around but I’m only a little annoyed about it.


How festive!

Such a vintage fun vibe!

Full of nostalgic cheer!

This is great!

What a fun idea for a wreath!! Excellent up cycling.

This is perfectly splendid! I would’ve snatched up that box too!

Fun, fun, fun! Something so cool about those big old bulbs. Love the idea of using them in a wreath.

So much retro-y fun!

Aww, those bulbs remind me of my grandparents. They would hang those up outside every year. Sweet nostalgia.

So so cool. I didn’t even notice any spacing issues, it turned out great!