Christmas Memory Quilt for my brother

This was my last project of 2020 :fireworks:

When my parents moved out of their last house they had a big garage sale, Mum practically emptied the linen cupboard and wanting to get rid of it all.

I sneakily took my younger brother’s pillow cases and a sheet - with this project in mind. This was 9 years ago!!

Finally I made the quilt for my brother for this Christmas and he loved it! I finished the binding on Christmas morning :sweat_smile: nothing like last minute. Luckily we didn’t have to be at lunch until 12:30 and we had a relaxing morning at home.

Not the best photos - it was overcast on Christmas this year, first time it wasn’t stinking hot in years :stuck_out_tongue:


My helpers :stuck_out_tongue: :paw_prints:



That is such a thoughtful and awesome gift! Well done! I know that race to the finish line well, I think it should be a scout badge-style patch haha

More importantly, that first “helper” pic made me laugh out loud. That face! Either you’re not working up to the manager’s expectations there or someone is reminding you about snack breaks!


Race to the Finish Line does sound like a great patch! One I would earn over and over :stuck_out_tongue:

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What a terrific gift! lol I bet a lot of us would earn that badge over and over…it probably goes along with the Procrastination Badge as well lol

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Me too! And one to brag about.

(Slaps necklight and yarn onto table, points at patch and suddenly starts talking like from Captain Quint from Jaws)
“You see this one, got this one fiercely weaving in ends on a baby hat shaped like knight’s helm as my husband pulled into the hospital parkinglot… and this one (shifts in seat) was from when i was sewing the backing onto a wedding blanket by hand in a moving car on the way to the reception!”



:joy: :joy:

What a great gift! I’m sure it will be treasured!

What a clever and thoughtful gift. I love your helpers.

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I love it! What a great present. Your doggies are adorable!

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Thank you! So is yours :dog::paw_prints:

Super duper! I’m so glad you snagged them!

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