Christmas Pillowcases for Every Bed

Holiday fabric was 70% off at Joann Fabrics today. I shopped (and washed and dried the fabric) this morning, and sewed 6 pillowcases this afternoon.

Choosing the fabrics was somewhat challenging as neither red nor green really GOES with any of our rooms. Once I had a few fabrics picked that would work, then there was the fun of finding a SECOND, coordinating, fabric to go with each.

The trim fabric of this one is white on white tiny snowflakes. This rooom is a difficult-to-match purple blue.

The next set had to look okay with the wild quilt that’s in there.

I think this one is my favorite. The black and white trim and the tin bed!


What fun fabrics! And you churned out those pillowcases super-fast.

You’ve had a busy day! I love the last one best, too. Great fabrics!

What delightful holiday touches to all the beds!

What a great project! They’re all so festive and bright.

Ooo! Great job coordinating fabrics with rooms for a festive touch!

So festive and will give you visions of sugar plums…

These are so festive! I love them!

:rotating_light: Wee-oo wee-woo! :rotating_light:
:dizzy: Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :dizzy:
:trophy: Congratulations! :1st_place_medal:

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