"Christmas Rose" Paper Wreath

I don’t think that I have gotten to share this project yet! It was part of a personal swap.

I had a terrible time getting decent lighting for the photo either inside our outside the house. There are 3 shades of pink, 3 different golds, and a pearl paper. The base is a 12" craft ring, painted gold.


The files came from Dreaming Tree (3dsvg.com) and I cut them with my Cricut Explore. It included a paper bow with a pretty embellishment, but I went with a bow made from two ribbons.


Gorgeous! It’s so hard to believe that it’s made of paper!

Wow that is stunning!

Just like all your projects, it looks so real.

Thanks everyone!

Geez, Tara, this is GORGEOUS! You are killin it with that Cricket! I adore this wreath, the colors and textures are sublime. Are the centers of the flowers paper too? They almost look like felt. So pretty! :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

Beautiful wreath…just beautiful.

Ahhhh, thank you, friends!

@Lisasteatime The centers are made from the gold glitter paper which is pretty dang thick and now that you mention it kind of behaved like felt for the centers, but not necessarily the leaves.

OH! I made a box for wrapping/shipping this and I’m pretty proud of it, too.


There are two layers of shaped cardboard glued in place on the bottom of each side on each side that snuggly holds the wreath form and will be great for storing it and keeping.


I added a support in the center so the lid wouldn’t collapse, even though the box is very sturdy - you can see it’s double-layered corrugated. Then I added this tube I hoarded, I mean stashed, to keep it from shifting up/down in the box during shipping


The main box is made from a box that a shelving unit came in (unassembled) and was already the perfect depth - I just had to cut it to fit the diameter, twice once each for the bottom and top. The only bummer being that when all was said and done it cost $32 to ship! Oy.


Beautiful! But I think my favorite thing might be the rig to ship it. :joy:

HAHA! I have a special place in my heart for that part, @MistressJennie ! I mean, that part I made up completely on my own! From materials I had on hand!

This is so pretty and such a wonderful new mix of color for winter.

Thank you, @kittykill!

I love the gold and silver with the soft pink! So pretty!

(Also, are you the one who was so fabulous you cried glitter tears?)

HAHA! Yes, that’s me! And thank you!

The lighting is off, so the pics are misleading: there are 3 gold papers and a pearl, no silver. But now I’m thinking of other colors of flowers to do with silvers…

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I remember you! Man, I haven’t been on C-ster in {mumble mumble} years, but I always remembered that line and it made me laugh. You were one of my favorite people!

Wow, that’s pearl?? I guess the camera just really picked up the metallic bits. I will picture it in my head with pearly paper and… gorgeous! The packing box is awesome, too.

Awww, you! Thank you! I’m glad to see you back!

The pearl paper is the one that sort of looks like cedar or even coral. The glittery ones are all shades of gold, even though the camera makes it look silvery.

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That weath is gorgeous, lucky receiver :smiley: And yes, pictures can be tricky, but even if they don’t show the real colours it still looks amazing

THANK YOU! Sometimes the light, my “camera,” and my lack of skills combine for mediocrity! :crazy_face:

This is gorgeous! I have made a few things out of paper similar but they never turned out this lovely!