Christmas Tree Skirt from Neckties

Tree skirt from 24 thrift store neckties. I was inspired by a design I saw online for $1200. Naturally, I thought I could make it myself for a lot less ! Ha ha ha I now know why they cost $1200. It was a ton of work.

I drafted the pattern in CorelDRAW and then cut the pattern pieces from acetate. If you want to buy a pattern that’s similar, try a “Dahlia quilt.”

To get the ties from “tie” to “fabric,” I unpicked the long back seam of each, and ripped out the interfacing. Because ties are cut on the bias, I stabilized the tie fabric with iron-on interfacing before cutting.

I sewed together each set of pieces into a long curved section, then sewed 6 of those sections together. Six sections was 1/4 of the skirt. Then I sewed 2 quarters together, and the other two quarters together to have 2 half skirts. Then I basted the last two seams, adjusted the seam to make the skirt lie flat, and sewed the seam for real.

The backing fabric is a neutral plaid that reminded me of suit fabric. I bound the center circle and outside points with continuous bias binding that I made from burgundy fabric.

I thought sewing the curved seams, and matching up the pieces at the seam lines was going to be the biggest challenge (I’m not a quilter). But no, in fact, it was sewing the inside points of the binding that was the WORST.

Also, arranging the pieces in a pleasing pattern without…too many stripes together! Too many RED together! and so forth was a whole day of hmmmm…nope. How about this?


So worth it, it’s simply gorgeous.
Having worked with deconstructed ties, I feel your pain. Total PITA. You did a great job.

This is magnificent! All you tedious steps and patience really paid off. I can imagine that all the features of the material that make a neck tie work would make it a real bear to work with!

Quite amazing! I’ve worked with old ties before, but nothing this elaborate!

I have about that much neckties in my Room of Requirement, but I’m not going to follow your lead. This looks like way too much work for me.
You did an amazing job!

This turned out really cool! What a lot of work- I bet it will be treasured for a long time to come!

Sounds pretty irritating, but your final result is gorgeous!

Wow! The end result is stunning! Go you!

This is a daunting fiddly project and your result is fantastic!!! I have made a few small items from ties & I just found them slippery enough that I never could get a straight seam!

Really lovely.

The iron-on stabilizer took care of that. Not only did it stop the fabric from stretching, but it gave the feed dog something to grip, and it kept the edges from raveling.

This is gorgeous and so creative to use old neckties!

This is amazing!

This is strikingly beautiful. I am wondering if it is strictly for use with an artificial tree?

I have a fake tree. The skirt has to go on the stand before the tree goes into it.

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You could total still use it with a real tree! Awkward maybe, but doable & so worth it. It’s simply gorgeous, I’ve come back for another look so many times!.

This is SO cute! I love old tie fabric! This would also be a great way to design a new take on the necktie skirt.