Chronic Ed: Are you listening?

Woot! Finally have the first lighthearted one drawn up. I’m a tad shaky, so I wasn’t able to draw it too well, but meh, oh well.

Anyway, the thought on this one is about how hard it is to keep our minds on a conversation. This concept also works for addictions, stress, etc. So, in my opinion, it’s fairly universal.


Tell me about the line that runs out of the back of your character’s head. I’m slow to pick up on things… Sorry! Looks like a little guy fishing?

No worries, I was kind of worried about that part of the drawing. It’s supposed to be a lasso and the little guy is trying to force the brain back into his head.

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Oh, I see it now!

The escaped brain. Hmm. Mine tries to do that a lot. Has been doing it for last week. Concentration? What is that? Eh? Did you say something? Sorry, wasn’t paying attention to anything.

Now, what was it?. . .

Oh, yes. I like your cartoons :smiley:

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Glad you explained it … I saw it differently … I thought his mind was on fishing rather than what the other person was saying.