Chronic Ed : Terrible Dreams 01

One of the dumber things to go through my mind is wishing for the worst.
Since it is impossible to know if I’m an addict looking for a fix. Doctors can not prescribe medications that could ease my days.
Since my family never noticed the changes, and the whining is just so bloody annoying. I don’t deserve any help, nor can I earn their help.
Since I have no proof I can not receive any aid. A catch 22: I need proof to be able to find proof.

Granted this isn’t 100% accurate, but none the less, it’s one of the many things that annoys the living daylights out of me, heh.


I’m sorry you are in a rough spot. Sometimes doing crafts can take your mind off things…? I hope you feel better.


Interesting craftiness and depiction of what you are going through. May you find the help that you need.

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That sounds like a very hard thing to deal with. I’m glad you found an outlet to hopefully ease some of that frustration, and it was so brave to share. We’re here for you.

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I’m there as well, but my postings isn’t son horrible I can’t live most days normal if I’m good enough. And know people who had been there for years and years before the doctors even managed to find anything, so hopefully one day they will see it and actually try to help

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I try not talking too much, as for some odd reason I just can’t stop. Anyway, as I get older and I know it will only get worse, help or no help (mamma’s don’t let your babies grow up doing extreme physical labor, heh. A little pun from an old song I know), but as I age any time I can get my mind to accomplish anything, even this odd little comic, is a joy. I’ve always been an extremely active individual, either researching, programming, cooking, gardening, biking, hiking, etc etc etc, and the resting, holy halibuts, does the “resting” drive me insane, Hah!

I’m still a nut, an all around weirdo, and a major goofball. I just have to be extremely careful and not let him out to play, Hah!

Yeah, that’s one thing I found out. The more I keep my mind preoccupied the…erm…easier isn’t right…better isn’t right, either…The more I can bear it, heh. (which, if anyone ever notices all the "heh"s, "hah"s, O_os, and all the other odd little eccletics…whatever those terms are…then be assured I’m in a good place, :wink:.

What got me to think about doing this is a young waitress I met while piloting oversize down in Enid, Ok. She had breast cancer and talked often of the meetings and other charitable contributions she was involved with.

I knew I’d probably never have the money, energy, and the mental state to pull off anything that way, so I decided to attempt this comic as a way for those like me to have a release. At least that’s my hope. I will have to do some cheerier stuff (I’ve got one in mind so far).

I still don’t get any help around the house, but since the kids have moved out, there is less to do. So that gives me more time to find out what I’m good at…

Aand I’ve talked too much…

I’m a little teapot short and stout.
Here’s my handle, there’s my spout.
Tip me over and hear me shout.

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Hi Charles

I can emphasize with the ‘you look ok, so you are ok or you’re just after drugs’ attitude.
My ex has fibromyalgia but was misdiagnosed for years and treated for arthritis (which he also has). The drugs he was given for the arthritis pain actually made the fibro worse. He also has the attitude that ‘it’s only pain’ and carried on regardless, meaning nobody believed how bad he actually was.
I have mental health issues. Because I look ok when people see me, they think I’m ok. They just don’t see the days of inactivity, the self neglect, self harm, anguish or hours of tears shed.

To be able to find anyway to reduce those feelings, to lift our spirits, to be able to function better is essential.
Well done for finding a way!
Your cartoon is spot on. I think it will resonate with a lot of people.

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This is true for so many people with disabilities or limitations. The world could use more compassion.


You did a good job on the artwork capturing your frustration. Did you use a program to draw it or is it hand drawn?

Both. I first drew a rough draft, then some of it, such as the hands, I drew then used a program to outline the drawing so they matched the rest.

That sounds really tough. It’s good to be able to process things with drawing and creative work - I hope you are finding it helpful, and that things improve for you.

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Chronic Ed : “Keep it together”???