Chronic Pain Silhouette Tree

I think I’m getting this one brush figured out. The silhouette leaves look pretty darn good.

I would have to say the most problematic part of painting is bi-direction/bi-split/bi-quadrant/whetever. Since this canvas is so small I just turned it around as I was painting the branches. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t paint the left side as well as I can the right side. O_o.

Anyway, I have one more of these small canvases, so I’ll do another one, and see if I can do better.


This is a super nice silhouette. I like the fence on the right-hand side to offset the mirroring. It defintiely adds interest! Very cool.

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It turned out so lovely! I also like the fence both for a little bit of extra interest and the sense of scale it gives.

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It looks great. I can’t do the left side of things as well either, but remember, nature often has a “better side” too. It adds interest. :wink:

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Your painting is beautiful. I know it’s small but remind me of the size please.

Do you sell your paintings? Just found your Etsy

This one is 4x12 inches. I’m aiming to do a 1x6 foot painting similar to this, so I’m getting as much practice as I can muster.


This is lovely! I think you did a beautiful job!